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If one song could sum Keven up it would have to be:

"Music" by John Miles:

"Music was my first love

and it will be my last.

Music of the future

 and music of the past."


"To live without my music

would be impossible to do.

In this world of troubles

my music pulls me through."


If you know Keven well then you will know that he has a habit of playing an album to death

or until everyone around him is sick of hearing it!

  As of Saturday, 10 October 2009  that album is/those albums are:



Keven suffers from tinnitus which has no doubt been caused by the numerous LOUD concerts he has attended in the past. 

Why do so many artists/venues insist on playing the music SO loud?  There really is no need for it to be quite so loud.

 Keven started wearing ear plugs to concerts many years ago, but the damage has already been done.

It certainly doesn't help when a certain artist pauses in between songs during a concert to point out that a member of the audience is wearing ear plugs!

Yes, you know who you are and now you know why he was wearing ear plugs!

All he can do now is prevent the damage from getting any worse. 

Please click on the above link to find out more about the effects of tinnitus and how you can protect yourself against it.


One thing Keven hates is ticket touts.

 If he has been unable to attend a concert for whatever reason he has always tried to sell his ticket to another fan

 at face value plus the costs involved in advertising it on eBay. 

Fortunately now though a website has been set up purely for this which Keven has made use of to sell various tickets. 

Scarlet Mist is a great idea and a concept Keven thought of many years ago, but lacked the technical know how to create it himself.

 Keven's only criticism of Scarlet Mist is that you can't rate buyers as you can on Ebay.

 He found this out to his own cost when a "buyer" failed to turn up when he had arranged to meet which left no time to re-advertise the ticket.

You have been warned!


Can you find all 4 pictures of Keven on the poster which comes with CD2 of the Embrace single "Looking As You Are"? 

"Looking As You Are" was released on Valentine's Day, Monday 14 February 2005 and may still be available in a "sin bin" near you or online at




Not only can you see Keven on the Embrace single, but you may be able to hear him, singing his little heart out in the front rows of the Erasure concerts on

 Monday 28 February 2005 in Edinburgh and on Tuesday 1 March 2005 in Glasgow which were recorded on limited edition double cd's!

 Order your copies from "Live Here Now" while stocks last, as only 1000 were produced for each show.